Teenager SPD disorder

I have been dealing with an out of control child for at least 11 years.Since she was born,she started having trouble.She was born with jaundice and had to sit under the bililights for days.

I could not take her home even though I was dying to hole her and touch her.

Once I did get her home,my beautiful daughter would cry so often that I thought that I was going to pull my hair out.I could not seem to calm her.

As the years went by,she did not seem like an easy child to raise.Starting three years old,she would pull children;s hair and just did not fit in with the other children.

Even though my daughter is bright,she did not do well in school due to her problems emotionally and socially.She would annoy the teacher and children,she would call out answers and would have poor impulse control.

Things just kept getting worse.She had to try all different medications because she was aggressive.She made holes in the walls,she would slam doors,hurt her family members and threaten us.She would threaten to run away,etc...things were stressful beyond anything.

She could not stay in school anymore.She was suspended often for acting out and threatening to hurt teachers and peers.She was not liked.

She would hit her head often and just disobey me.There was little enjoyment or bonding going on.

She had to be removed from the house in the hopes that she would learn some skills.
When she came back home,things seemed great for a while and then she began her oppositional and aggressive behaviors once again and this time they seemed to be worse.

It has been a very challenging 14 years.

I am so tired and just want to have my daughter.One that is happy and fun to be around.
I hope that she can learn how to get along with others and stop her aggression.

Thanks for the checklist.
But I am so afraid that my daughter will never lead a happy,healthy life.

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