Could someone tell me if children with sensory disorder have trouble with temperature change?

My son (age 3) seems to have trouble with temperatures. When he first goes into the tub water he screams that it is too hot, then i run a tiny bit of cold into it and he goes in and then a few minutes later says he's too cold. I know the temp at the beginning is fine, our tubbie turtle thermometer has a green light and its only 95 degrees. He use to want it at 97 degrees but now everything is too hot to him. He will stick his feet into the 95 degree water and scream, its hot, its hot, and have to pull his feet out. Do they feel temperature differently?

He also screams that his food is too hot when its barely warm. Then after a few bites cries that its too cold.

It seems he has trouble adjusting to the new temp initially but then gets adjusted and its not right.

Leeanne M.

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Aug 16, 2013
Trouble Regulating Temperature
by: Anonymous

My daughter and I have the same problem with temperatures. Things that are just right for my husband and other daughter are way too hot for us. Of course, my daughter's sensitivity is greater than mine. We also have trouble with our own body temperatures. We both run a normal body temperature that is a degree lower than the average person. In cold weather, we can not get warm (I wear sweatshirts and cover with fleece blankets when others are in t-shirts and shorts). In warmer weather, we can sweat like crazy but not cool down. Sometimes it gets to the point where we will actually run a fever-just because we are overheated and can't cool down. I don't really have answers as to how to cope with your son's temperature sensitivities, but I can tell you from our point of view (my daughter and I), it is very hard for other people to understand our sensitivity to temperature...and being completely honest, I sometimes find myself saying "It really isn't that hot" when fixing my daughter's bath or soup or oatmeal! So, I suppose it's very easy to forget, as well. Good luck to you!

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