I was shocked to score 46 on this test. Some of them were much worse in childhood, some got better and some have gotten worse over time. Some I never even considered a problem such as clothes that feel constricting as I just accepted it and simply wore something else. Some still I just figured it was due to childhood trauma and abuse and the resulting formation of my brain development that had been disrupted.

Some of these are more noticeable after I had a stroke making it difficult for me to know whether or not it's due to that, or something I've always had but is worse now and not stroke related.

Things I still have difficulty with are loud people and places, the pitch of leaf blowers and going to a mall when its crowded is out of the question. I get very fatigued at loud parties and it becomes increasingly difficult to block certain select background noises out. I don't like people to talk to me when I'm concentrating and in fact have always preferred solitary work and/or activities.

I've always felt abnormal though so none of this bothers me enough to seek medical help over it. They'll just put me on drugs for it and that isn't acceptable to me so I just mentally note it and remove myself from the situation. For me knowledge is power so once I understand the why of something I can make mental adjustments and deal with it enough to function. Embracing my inner weirdo , accepting these things, has actually made me a better artist.

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