Thank Heaven for Therapy!

by Brenda M
(Palm Bay, Fl)

My two sons go for weekly OT/ST for SPD and speech language issues. I had tried all kinds of fun interactive ways to get my kids to eat healthy foods (even some unhealthy foods) but it had gotten to the point where we were down to a handful of foods they would tolerate. My husband and I battled for months on whether it was behavioral or not. I know kids, mine especially.

It is not normal for kids to vomit at the sight/smell/taste of of different foods/textures. So we got into food therapy with one of their therapist. Life is sooo much easier today! My oldest son is now able to try a food and say no thank you if he can't tolerate it!! This is HUGE. Beyond huge. Insanely awesome. When your kids start having low iron and other nutritional problems because of the lack of variety in their diet, no pedia sure can make you feel like a successful parent. There was a time that I had to depend on those types of supplements, but today we are off of them and really transforming the way we do things. The amount of support I get from their therapist is invaluable. I don't know where I would be without them.

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