Thank you for this site

by Shantell
(Cleveland, OH)

My little cutie pie

My little cutie pie

I am a 33 year old single parent. My son is 5 and has been having difficulties for years. He was better when I took him out of daycare and he was being taught by my cousin alongside my niece. Once he was placed back into the day care environment, his problems began again. The school wanted to say he was ADHD, but after seeing a therapist she assured me that he was not, but didn't really know what the problem was, environmental or physiological/biological.

After looking over the checklist there are certain things I have always known about him, he was always hypersensitive to sound. He never liked to bathe, he still does not like showers and I have to run the water with the door closed. He does not like to get hair cuts. He makes noise for the sake of making noise. He has tantrums almost constantly, He does not do change well at all.

Those were the things I new were strange, but I thought it was because he had constant double ear infections and eventually tubes were placed in his ears, but the problems persisted. He is a very picky eater (no grilled cheese sandwiches, no PB& J, no chicken nuggets, no sloppy joes and the list goes on). He is constantly reprimanded for his behavior, but he just told me on last Thursday, "Mommy, I am trying so hard to be good, but I can't. That is when I started praying and that is how I ended up here!

All I had to go on was the ear problems and the Lord spoke to me that it was sensory and to go to the internet and look it up. Well here I and most of the things on the check list he exhibits. SO you tell me whether GOD speaks or not? But that is not the point. I am just grateful that this information was available and I now have something for his educators to look into and evaluate so we can help my child. Again, thank you for this site!

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Oct 28, 2008
Sounds so familiar...
by: Anonymous

He is a beautiful child. My son is also 5 and something has always seemed not quite right. We also removed him from daycare to stay home with me and all seemed well. Then came kindergarten and all the "quirky" behavior was amplified. He starts seeing an occupational therapist on Monday. We are excited to see what we can do to help him be that beautiful and bright child God has gifted us with!!!

God is good and everything happens for a reason!Matthew 18:19
Tanna in Texas

Sep 29, 2008
Way to go!
by: Jessi

Good for you for finding this site! I had a similar experience in that I just 'knew' something was wrong and that my son was not 'bad'. He was pre-verbal when I first started researching, but what your son said about trying to be good, that's the way I felt about my son. When he threw tantrums, he wasn't trying to get a toy or candy, he was truly bothered by the world around him! He cried like his world was ending. I started looking up his symptoms and found this website. I asked his doctor for a referral to a developmental pediatrician he had been to before when he was around 2. At this point he was a little over 3. She saw the sensory problems right away. She referred us to occupational and speech therapy which he started going to twice a week.

Now, a little over a year later - I have a new child! He eats, he's learning in Pre-K, he behaves (most of the time!), he can follow directions, he can focus better and he can talk!

I highly suggest that you take your son to a developmental doctor or an OT. OT works wonders with these kids. And you know what else, your son will feel so much better about himself when he's able to be 'good' like he's expected to. I've seen such an improvement not only in my son's behavior but also in the way he talks about himself. Instead of 'I can't', I'm starting to hear more, 'Mama, look I did it all by myself!'. Music to my ears. You sound like a terrific Mom and you're doing the right thing by looking into this site.

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