The begining of the end....hopefully

by Mary

So I remember how scared, worried, concerned and frustrated my husband and I were when our daughter first starting hating clothes. She has not worn underwear in about 9 months. Getting out of the house was a battle because pants didn't feel good and she didn't want her hair brushed or up... the most frustrating for me (I came to terms with my issues quickly---it wasn't about what I wanted or liked) was that before she never wore an outfit twice to school, her hair (strawberry blonde w a slight curl at the bottom just above her bum) was always done in some trendy cute style, and all of a sudden she had two go-to outfits that didn't match and her hair had to be down without a headband or clip ---nothing----. I turned to this website and the Q&A section for advice and just to hear someone else say SPD was real. That my calm, laid back, roll with the punches 4 year old was not in control of her devilish tantrums it was a disorder that with time and effort and love could be corrected. --- granted during these tantrums and fights over clothes we established rules and guidlines--no biting or hiting and no disrespectful language, other than that she could show her frustration any way necessary but only until her clothes were on and then it was time to have our day. Well now i can honestly say after all of that and OT with a wonderful woman named Sue, my daughter wore a tutu and her hair up in a ponytail for the first time today --- at her request!!!!

So I am now writing to tell of a happy story in place of my once frantic worried questions.

With love, understanding, firm guidelines and expectations and a great support group of family, friends and online support anything is possible.

My advice to anyone just entering this crazy SPD world or OT --- listen, follow your gut and go into your child's OT session and participate, I learned so much we could do at home... therapy didn't end when we walked out the door it became a lifestyle of sensory seeking and seeking comfortable ways for her to be away from gravity (another one of her issues in nov.). Never underestimate the power of a hug and the words 'it will be okay I love you no matter what'!!!!

Good Luck to everyone and lets keep our fingers crossed my daugter will "keep moving forward" (-Walt Disney) and that every story on this website will end with smiles and love.

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Jul 27, 2010
Good News
by: Julie

I was encouraged to read your comments because you've describe the exact struggles that we are experiencing with our 5 year old daughter. I hope that your daughter continues to do so well. Do you have any insight or words of wisdom for me?

Jul 11, 2010
Thank you!
by: Jennifer

Mary, I think you are the one that pointed me in the direction of South Shore Therapies and I can't thank you enough. we just started last week but they have been great so far to get us in ASAP. I'm thrilled to hear of all your daughters success! that gives me great hope and I really appreciate you giving us a positive and hopeful update! thanks again for your help!!

Jul 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thanks Mary for the hope that you transmit. you live in the U.S. and you have opportunities and the best care for children with sensory impairments. In Europe, there are not alot of treatment this issue. Many families can not get therapy for their children.Regards

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