The Difference that Weighted Vests and Blankets have made in my familys' lives!

by Teresa

I am a firm believer in the weighted vests and blankets. I have personally witnessed the benefits of these items. All my life, I carried a purse, tote, diaper bag, etc. All of these items were so stuffed that everyone always said that I carried everything but the kitchen sink. Of course being the person that I am, I got a little Barbie sink and put it in the bag too. I have always sat with a bag, book, or other heavy item on my lap. At night, I would pile so many covers on myself that my parents were sure I would suffocate during the night. I, in other words, Had to have the weight!!! For me-the weight just kinda keeps me "grounded".

Fast forward 11 years, if you will. I had two children already and was given the blessing of another child. This child had major seizures, didn't talk at all until after he was about 3. I just thought that his developmental delays were because of the seizures. However, I found out when he was four that the seizures were actually NOT what was wrong. I had another baby (#4) at that time, who was doing some really berserk things for a 6 month old baby. I had also found out a few days before that I was pregnant with number 5. The doctor informed me that my 4 year old had something called Aspergers Syndrome. I had never heard of this in my life. I asked if it would be fatal. He assured me that it was not. For several months, I just focused on getting him therapy and all the help I could get him.

Now, I need you to fast forward another 13 months. I woke up one morning and my 18, almost 19 month old chatterbox was quiet. I checked on him. He appeared to be fine. He didn't speak for several days-I called the dr.

They thought that he had gone deaf. We were rushed to an ENT dr. After the hearing test, we were told that he could hear dog whistles. Definitely not deaf. Then, I wanted to know why he wasn't talking anymore. After 6 months of dr visits-I was told that he had "Classic Aspergers". There is that word again, I thought. Now, this dr was not the same one who diagnosed my other child with this. I went home and typed in Aspergers Syndrome in my google bar. The words "Autism Spectrum Disorder" popped up. My whole world just felt like it had come crashing down.

They were assigned an OT to work with. She was the one who diagnosed SPD (SID). They were given weighted blankets and vests. In the short amount of time since they began using these-their behavior has dramatically improved. They actually sleep now. And, my 6 year old, whom I was told would never be toilet trained-is now diaper free. He can also count to 5 and tell you his first name!!

Yes, he did recover most of his speech after 3 years of therapy. It isn't perfect, but I am just glad that he has some of it back. I do want to thank the state of MO for giving them the three years of help. I don't know where we would be without it. And, I thank God for giving them an OT that got them the blankets and vests. Since we received these, there is no more jumping from the back of the couch or off of the dresser. My boys actually do walk now, instead of run at breakneck speed. The blankets and vests have been a God sent blessing for our family!

PS. Just please remember to get a diagnosis or recommendation for these items. As with all things, too much can be fatal. If the weight is too heavy-there can be terrible effects.

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