The jigsaw has fallen into place

by marina
(brighton uk)

I was sure from a young age something was wrong with my son.He did not have a sense of humour anything said to him was misinterpreted and his angry outbursts were frightening.

I found i had to approach him in a certain way and patiently explain what was meant when anything was said to him as he never understood as other children did.

I was told he had adhd but could not accept this and refused ritalin and other medications. I was advised by the headmaster to put him on sleeping tablets as he did not sleep until late.

Eating was a nightmare as he refused to even have certain foods on his plate.He could not just ignore food or push it to one side as others would.
clothes were constantly an area of contention and he would be naked when ever he could.

He would sit for only a few minutes then be up and fidgeting wereas others would be sitting and concentrating on things.

He is now 10 and has been seen by an ot i believed these were for adults or severly physically disabled,but fighting for a statement so my son can get the help with the struggles of school he was seen by the ot and suddenly things have become clear all the things i had been saying to drs specialists finally were not me be overprotective or looking for things that were not there he has spd and now so much has become clarity and easier to understand and give the support and help he needs knowing it is not him being awkward or playing up.

I hope now he can get the support and help he needs to continue coping with the intuitive responces he has developed to deal with everyday life.

Thank you for this insiteful information into spd

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