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I am reaching out to parents of kids on The Spectrum to tell them about a free talk and Q&A being given by a man named Howard Y. Lee, Founder of The Light of Life® resource, to inform on a new treatment available for Autism, Spectrum disorders, SPD, and ADHD. The talk will take place in the Los Angeles area.

I hope you will receive this message openly, and pass it along if you see fit.

The talk is free, the information and Energy potentially invaluable.

Thank you for your time, best,
Regina Bernstein

Background info:

A recent Asperger’s Syndrome testimonial:

Longevity Energetic® programs for Kids and their schools:

The Light of Life® site:

Videos of Mr. Lee doing The Energy: For people who are sensitive to Energy, children especially, watching this can be a great way to get a sense of The Light of Life® Energy; Specifically Video #4.

The talk and Q&A aims to highlight this new and effective offering to this field of care, which I feel you and your readership will find of interest.

Sign Up Here by August 9th to ensure your space:

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