The listening programme

by Debra
(Surrey uk)

My lovely daughter is 7 she has spd and auditory processing we have had several opinions on the listening programme. It would be so good to help her being overwhelmed by sounds no matter how quiet. We have been told do the programme over ten days others say do it over twenty or ten weeks and do it at home we feel our daughter would benefit from doing this programme away from home but where. Please help with any ideas thank you so muchxx Debra

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Jul 26, 2014
Listening programme cost
by: Lindsay

Hi there. We too are looking into the Listening Programme for our 9 year old daughter who has finally been correctly diagnosed with spd and a learning disability. Our O.T wants us to consider the links2learning listening programme. What makes me a little skeptical is that it costs $2700!!! And I have to pay this to the OT so she can order the programme and administer it. I wonder what percentage of this money the OT gets for selling the programme? We love my daughters OT as she is excellent and I feel awkward asking her, but I did see that programme on ebay for $1300 and they said it had cost them $1700 new.
Our O.T claims to have seen very significant improvements in her clients, incl kids like my daughter going from struggling with attention/impulsivity to getting scholarships! The programme is 15 minutes morning and night and can be used continuously or intermittently throughout life. But I would love to hear more from parents that have used it

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