The out of sync child

by laura

I already have 2 children diagnosed with SPD (dyspraxia_

However I am just in the process of seeking out information about my 16 month old daughter - she is showing signs and I already have an occupational therapy appt lined up for her.

The main thing that has really stressed us out about her is that since she was about 2 weeks old - she has screamed whenever we go in the car.

This did not improve when she changed to a forward facing car seat - she is better now in that she mainly does it when she is tired or only on journeys of over an hour in duration.

She has no way of going to sleep in the car - she just screams.

Could this be a symptom of SPD do you think? She sleeps well in her cot at home - but not so well in the buggy either.

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Jan 04, 2009
child screaming in car.......
by: erileu

Your situation could be a sensory problem. Whether its a tactile issue from being in seat belt and harness or a vestibular one where she is having an unorganized response to the movement.

My child used to sob and break into tears when she was in her carseat after we faced her forward. She has both tactile and vestibular defensiveness. We tried limiting her rides to early in the day when she wasn't tired. Giving her toys to play with and also using the brushing protocol with her to help calm her before we went somewhere.

There is no easy answer, my daughter now four has grown more accustomed to the seat belt, but is also now less restricted since she is weight and age to ride in a booster seat with the standard carseat. We also bought the strap pads that you can put over the straps and seat belts to minimize the amount of rubbing and pressure your child may feel from the strap over her shoulder. We also found out leaving her in her coat and all bundle up was also driving her crazy with the restrictive input and sensation she was feeling from long sleeves and tags on her clothing.

As I said before there is no easy answer, just persevere as you can and with time and discovery of what works best, your car rides will ease with time and experience for what works best for you.

Mom of two sensational kids.


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