The Undrama Queen

My entire life people have been telling me to "Relax, you're exaggerating." They tell me my waistband isn't too tight, that there's no reason to be itchy, that if I watched what I was doing I would not spill things, that it isn't really that hard to sit through a movie, to quit biting my nails/cheeks.

I guess I appear pretty okay - I got through school, I have a job. But I can't ride a bike or drive a car, or even avoid bumping into people on a crowded sidewalk. My muscles are always tense and then exhausted. I get enraged and frustrated when things don't go how I thought they would and it takes me a while to adjust. And then everyone rolls their eyes and says, "Oh, she's so dramatic."

I am not trying to be dramatic. The worst part is that is makes me soooo irritated - to be clumsy, to be distracted by the collar of my shirt, to break things, to have people think that I am just being self-indulgent and attention seeking. I take medicine for anxiety. I struggle with lashing out at people when I am too hot, clothes too tight, spent a long time sitting still, etc.

Thanks for this site. It helps to know other people have similar problems, that I'm not the only Undrama Queen out there.

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