The Wilbarger Protocol

by Amanda Langston
(LaCenter, KY)

So my 3.5 year old SPD girl, Addison when for her first OT session today. It went okay. She was showing me The Wilbarger Protocol, and Addison screamed the whole time and had tears streaming down her little face. I know starting out, she said that she should have this done every 2 hours while awake. We got home, I went to brush her and she freaked out and started screaming again. She told me it hurt. Our OT said that she could still be overwhelmed from being sick. I think I will try again tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone else's child had this sort of reaction before?

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Mar 30, 2011
I am using a firm brushing stroke
by: Amanda L.

I am brushing with a firm touch as the OT showed me. Of course she was crying as the OT brushed her as well. She doesn't mind the joint compressions alone, but screams at the sight of the brush. I feel that she is truly in pain when I brush her. Her OT even said she has never had a child react that strongly to brushing. She kept with it, but I had to hold her while she did it.

She is rather on the small side. She is 3.5 but is only 25 pounds and 35 inches tall. I just want to do what is right.

Mar 30, 2011
are you using light touch?
by: Anonymous

Hi- I'm an OT too- when you do the protocol are you making sure the bristles on the brush are bending, long steady smooth strokes, and where you need to hold her arm, etc. is a firm touch? You want to make sure you are stimulating her pressure receptors- not giving her light touch. The joint compressions after are important too. Does she calm down during them?

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