Therapeutic Listening

by Laura
(New York)

Hello everyone,

My son is three years old and has SPD and a speech and language delay. His OT has suggested theraputic listening. We have just started this program (our second day) and I wanted to know what everyone thought about this therapy. He is also having trouble "feeling" when he has to go to the bathroom. He can do everything on the tiolet when prompted but has trouble knowing when he has to go. Has anyone thought this therapy helped the potty training process as well?

Thanks for your thoughts and opinions

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Hello Laura,

Therapeutic Listening through Vital Sounds is the only program that helped my son begin to feel the sensation that he had to urinate. He had been in OT therapy with a strong home sensory diet for over two years and had shown much improvement in many other areas, but this still eluded us. We were the first in our clinic to use this program. We were pleasantly surprised at many positive changes he experienced.

Ask your OT for the CD's that help the most in this area of concern. In my experience most parents reported positive changes with Disc Ease, Rhythm & Rhyme, and Grape Jamz, although there are newer CD's available now that I have no data on, which could also be helpful.

I would recommend you read both my articles on this type of Listening Therapy, as there are specific requirements for hardware, and information about possible adverse reactions you would want to know about, and watch for.

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening Guidelines

Hope these help. Anyone else have input on this for Laura? Things you found helpful? If the therapeutic listening helped your child with potty training? Let us know!

Michelle Morris

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Jun 07, 2012
negative effects
by: Anonymous

I have tried theraptutic listening for two different periods for my son. He is 4 and has sensory seeking / processing disorder. The first time span was for 3 weeks he cried daily did much worse in school, became a terrible sleeper so his OT and I took him off the music. Now 2 months later we decided to try again with the most concervative music they had. My son has been doing really great on his own for the last month. Again when the music was started - 9 days now he has been on it again - more crying, fits temper tantrums. What's going on here - I have not seen any positives and OT cannot make a thing of it. Any comments.

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