Therapeutic Listening

by Laura
(New York)


This is actually a question for Michelle Morris. I wrote the help line for information about Therapeutic Listening. I read all her information she had suggested. My one problem is finding the right CD player. I am having a horrible time trying to find one with all the specifications. I can't find one with a hold button for volume. Which I have found is very important. I had my son doing his therapy, I had checked the volume when he started but by the time he was done the volume had moved so low he could not hear it! UGH!!! A half an hour down the tubes!!!!!

I was able to find one with Random, and a hold button for the tracks but nothing that has a hold button for the volume or one that I can turn the bass off. Help!!!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


The SPD Help Line Answers...


It's wonderful that you read all that information! I am looking at the CD player that I have and it is a Sony Walkman, that I bought from KMart five years ago. I paid about $39.00 for it at the time. It has held up very well, considering the abuse my boy put this thing through! On my player there is only one hold button. Set the bass, the volume, and select random play, then push the hold button. It should hold the all the settings including the volume. I do wonder if your son could possibly have accidentally hit the button, releasing the "hold"? I did spend the extra $10 at KMart also and bought a CD cover case that also clips around my son's waist, so the buttons were out of sight and reach. I know that Vital Sounds sell the cover/case, but I got a nice one for less cost from the department store.

Can you try that again, and keep the player a distance away from him, to see if the button is actually holding the volume? The only other thing I can think of to suggest is phoning the store or company where you purchased the CD player and asking that question about your particular model.

Good Luck! : ) And we can't wait to hear from you when you begin seeing nice improvements with your son!

Michelle Morris,
Administrator, SPD International

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Apr 11, 2008
Listening and focusing
by: Anonymous

Dear Michelle Mitchell,

I need to ask you a question since you are an OT and a mother with a child who has SPD. My son who is five years old is going to Kindergarten in September. He has SPD and has trouble with focusing and attending to task at school and he also has language difficulties and lacks conversational skills. I was reading on this site about Theapeutic Listening and I was wondering how as a parent do I ask his OT if this would be right for him without offending her.

Michele Mitchell responds...

Oh, my dear, if you ask your OT if she thinks Therapeutic Listening will be beneficial for your son and give her the reasons you just gave me, you will by no means offend her. If you do... change OT's!!! If anything, she will be impressed by your research on other programs that may help and your willingness to try different things... that is my opinion anyway.

If she doesn't know enough about the program, find someone who does, or have her direct you to someone who does. If she is working with kids specifically with SPD, she should be aware of similar programs and their benefits. You can also check with a Speech and Language Pathologist... does your son have one? If not, given his issues, I would highly recommend finding one. They should also be able to help with this.

Ask, ask, ask. It can't hurt, and can only help. Research as much as you can and bring that to the OT if you feel it is needed. She shouldn't be offended for any reason I can think of.

Any other OT's have a different opinion than mine? Speak up if you do. I would be glad to know anything that agrees with this, or even to the contrary!

Gather the information, be specific and ask her opinion. No problem.

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