There's more than one issue here...

by Katie
(San Jose, CA)

Hi, I'm Katie, I already wrote "how I felt", and I wanted to say something else- make sure you check out all the possibilities. Last year I started having worse and worse problems in school, and my parents assumed it was just my SPD.

As it turns out, I also have really bad inattentive type AD/HD, although since I have problems with social cues and things as well, we're not sure whether that or Asperger's is more appropriate. Basically, when I was younger, the processing problems were bad enough to mask the other difficulties I was having.

So, if your kid has trouble with something that SPD doesn't quite adequately explain, please look into all other possibilities as well. If only one problem is recognized, it won't help as much as it should. That said, I am going to a more challenging academic setting next year, which will be quieter and more focused, but the pain of going through this school year with undiagnosed AD/HD is not something that I'm going to forget in the near future.

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