They say he is normal for a five year old...

by Bella

I i answered yes to all but four on the sensory seeking behaviours, and the four i didn't answer yes to are actually sometimes.

The thing that bothers me the most is his sleep issues (which he is going to a sleep clinic for in February) Nightmares, inability to sleep without a bunch of blankets, difficulty falling asleep without being touched in some way, back rubbed, feet rubbed, hair touched, or bear snuggled. And he grinds his teeth all night.

His sleep issues affect his everyday life because lack of sleep affects his attitude.

The other thing that really bothers me, and bothers him socially because he gets teased for having yucky shirts is his inability to stop chewing, his hair, his clothes, his toys,'s like he can't stop chewing on things. When he isn't chewing he is eating (which i guess is also chewing lol) or grinding his teeth.

I talked briefly with his doctor, and she said to wait until his six year check up to talk about it further because he just sounds like a normal five year old.

The nurse told me to get him a chewable necklace and some fidget toys until then.

after reading through this i know i have a lot of issues mentioned

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Mar 13, 2012
The Battle for Help
by: Anonymous

My daugher (3.5) tends towards tactile defensiveness and sensory seeking. When I look at the checklist, I can identify aspects that I noticed when she was an infant. Juat before she was two, I started regularly talking to her doctor about her defensiveness & struggles. I had to fight over and over for 18 months in order to get him to listen to me, to the point of scheduling an appointment without my daughter to demand a referral - which he gave me, only for a psychiatrist instead of OT. Unfortunatly, some doctors just don't buy in to SPD. Keep fighting for your son! Keep a journal, take videos, and keep aasking for help! My daughter has made many gains since starting in OT (referred in the 1st psychiatry appointment) 9 months ago. Last August I honestly thought I was going to have to quit my job because her SPD had peeked so badly. Today, we have our struggles, but I see my daughter smile and laugh more than cringe and cry - and she is on schedule to start school in the fall with OT assistance. Good luck to you!

Dec 24, 2011
Bracelets help a ton!
by: Madeline

From personal experience (14 year old girl speaking) the chewy bracelets can help a lot. Although my fingers and cuticles still look bad because I chew on them. But according to my parents (since I don't remember what it was like being six) they helped me stop chewing on clothes. Even though I said I still have problems with my fingers.... I dont know if that's normal, I was just reading stuff a few days ago when I found this page and said to my parents, I think that I might have struggled and still struggle with SPD. Going a little off topic but if he has light sensitivity, you want to get that checked out, I did and now I can't go a day without taking ibeprophin for my head. Also applicable If he doesnt like to wear sunglasses. Make him. I always wonder know what would have happened if my parents made me where them when I was around that age... Hope this helps a little...

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