This broke my heart

My SPD kiddo on overload from middle school has a aversion to bathing, if its busy or not timed just right she hates water, sometimes it is good then its bad based on her days. She struggled with showering or bathing in which I insisted before school concert, she is 13 and she was flipping out bear hugging but not hitting me then she bit me and said that's what it feels like to have water on her skin when shes not ready.

She said to me if she has a baby she would kill it if it had this sensory processing disorder rather then make it feel like this... such sadness overcomes me to her this statement... I will relay to OT and therapist on this struggle... DO WE KNOW HOW THIS FEELS I ask my self again this question?????

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May 21, 2009
by: Angie

That is sad. I hope she finds her way through this. I know watching my son, it's like somedays he can't even stand himself. I just hope that the good days outway the bad and to focus on them. Good luck.

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