This has a name

by Erica
(Cazenovia, NY)

Ever since having abdominal surgery for Crohn's Disease 11 years ago, I've had a large degree of difficulty with my clothing, in particular. I wear everything much larger/looser than necessary, will only wear certain fabrics, have to cut tags off of everything, etc.

I am also overly concerned with feeling clean, and have to take multiple showers daily. I will only sleep in very high thread count sheets, and cannot stand if there is a wrinkle in the fitted sheet.

I notice the tiniest things - like a grain of sand - more than I "should". It is very challenging for me to go about my daily routine of getting dressed because if my many clothing "rules."

To be honest, it sometimes feels like I'm living in hell. I'd do anything to be normal again.

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Apr 17, 2019
I never knew what this was
by: Anonymous

I understand EXACTLY what you are saying. I have been this way my entire life. I never knew until TONIGHT that there is a name for this, and I am 67 years old.

I am constantly trying to find (especially fitted) sheets that do not torment me - they cannot become loose or wrinkled, no lint or pilling, even a grain of lint drives em crazy, all my tops have holes in the back from cutting out tags, even the tagless tops irritate my skin with their imprinted labels, nothing feels ok on my skin including my own skin touching itself.

I cannot bear the feeling of heights - including just looking at a photo - although being in an airplane does not bother me. It is more than a fear of heights, it is a horrible physical sensation.

I hate escalators, moving sidewalk...My strong physical reactions are getting worse as I get older.

I feel desperate. Has anyone found adult, king size sheets for this disorder?

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