This is not an adult disorder, it's a special ordering of senses.

by Jay P J
(Burlington, NJ)

I have always been interested in hands and feet. I see the energy patterns in people's bodies, and can effect changes for their healing. I also can't touch angry people because I get sick. The energy in a crowded room makes me sick as well.

My son is approaching 3, and has a diagnosis of SPD. Because of him, I sought treatment, first for ADD, and now find that the clarity I have makes the SPD a more segregated issue. I tried to explain to my wife that I feel like I am looking through swiss cheese now. I finally see that I am blind to certain perceptions, and perceive thinks others would describe as fantasy or mental illness.

Please ask the people you trust and love to engage in comparisons of your cognitive worlds. Only after 'seeing' what you don't 'see', will you perhaps also understand the areas of perception that you have been blessed with that fall outside the 'normal' 6 senses.

We have much to offer.


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Feb 06, 2011
another thank you
by: Ruth

Jessica, I can totally relate to you. I take on other people's emotions, especially if they are painful ones. I don't seem to have a choice. Thank you for writing about this.

Sep 23, 2009
thank you
by: Jessica

Thank you so very much for writing this , because as I have been obsessively searching this site for the past 8 hrs trying to find help and understand my two sons, I have come to realize that the SPD thing really applies to me as well. It has been such an eye opening day with many many AHA! moments followed by tears of joy and sadness at finally figuring out what was/is going on with them and myself.

I also see energy, I can also sense it in other ways too and am very much an empath as well. I will develop the same symptoms as others even if that is a mood whether it be a positive or negative one, and have a hard time massaging others in pain as I will end up with that very pain afterward. It's almost as if I somehow absorb others in some way. Kinda freaky and it has it's pros and cons to it. I've been that way my whole life. I don't know that any of it is necessarily a dysfunction or disorder but rather a different way in which we perceive. There are many wonderful gifts and talents that come with it that should be acknowledged but there is times when it is a curse too. It's a double edged sword

I guess, maybe one day we as a species will learn to understand such people and make the world a little more suitable, maybe just maybe we will be the change we desire...

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