by R Johnson
(rjohnson@enclos.com, Mpls, Mn)

Seems over the last two years, I've developed this....

I'm not sure what to make of it as I hear white noise is used to drown out the symptom..BUT continually I can't imagine this is something that would correct this and in fact may keep it going

In our "open" job office atmosphere (with cubicles), white noise was introduced to drown out telephone conversations from the neighboring cubicles...Seems as soon as I walk out the door at
days' end, get in my car, it's evident more than ever.

When on vacation in remote settings for a week it seemed to almost disappear at night when I went to sleep...

I'm beginning to wonder if ear plugs at work would make it better and would have to try it...thinking that "continually"
having white noise pumped thru our HVAC system, this isn't doing the issue any good.

Now I'm getting mixed feelings about drowning out the ringing with white noise to mask it or continue as is and thinking it won't get any better sitting in the office all day....
Maybe I just need earplugs? Sure don't need it to get worse either but it's definitely there when I'm done at work and walk
out...Is there such a thing as too much white noise (not sure of decibels either here)? Your thoughts would be appreciated!

An email return would be o.k.....
Thanks RJ

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Dec 10, 2019
Your speaking my language
by: Anonymous

I completely understand what you are going thru because I live with this daily. Don't be surprised if the everyone who cant hear it start to treat you like you are crazy.. For me stress makes it worse and it ranges from a popping in my right ear to a hi pitched hi octave sound.

I recently found out I have Chari Malformation type 1 after a fall and this is one of the symptoms. No one can understand what its like to never have peace. If you have a high demanding job /Life then no doubt you are tired all the time.

I found two things that give me space in between to regroup. One is Turmeric 1000mg on amazon and Prayers against spirits of ear and brain.. I am not a Dr nor do I practice any kind of medical services, I'm just a man who understands what it like to live with this condition as well as many others.

Of course do your own research.. God bless you

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