Tired mom


I still cry a little when I read your site. What an amazing Christmas gift for me to find this. My son is 3.5 and I have known there was something wrong since he was two days old... this is finally something that makes sense.

Our pediatrician has never felt there was anything too off and I think even my Naturopath was starting to believe I was just trying to find problems where there were none. I can't wait to get more information and some help!

My parenting style has always been very gentle, so you have to know there were times late at night I asked myself if that was the cause of some of these issues. THANK YOU. I have to say there were many days I thought I was going a little crazy... this site gives me so much hope.

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Jul 14, 2009
Not alone
by: Anonymous

I understand where you are coming from I have had numerous meetings with my sons doctor and he has referred us to the children's clinic and they just gave him a social worker without evaluating him. The social worker saw him a few times with my husband and myself but she seemed to be more concerned about finding out about our marriage then my son. She signed off on him after a couple of months. I have another appointment with my son's doctor next week but I feel like you. Have I just been to gentle with him and is there even anything wrong? but I need to listen to my mother's intuition, it hasn't been wrong yet. So know that you are not alone and that with a diagnosis will eventually come help.

Dec 26, 2008
To tired Mom
by: Bubby

God Bless You, You are going to need patience with this child and remember its not your fault, as much as it easy to blame yourself. Doctors don't know much about Sensory Processing Disorder. Go to the Phone Book and start calling educational counselors and special schools and they will evaluate your child.

The biggest help for your child will be occupational therapy. There is a silver lining I promise. Remember he or she can't help it! Please let us all know how its going. We are all there with You!!

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