TJ's Story

by Sheryl
(Cumberland, RI)

TJ is 23 mos and didn't start eating 'solid' foods until about 18 mos. He will only eat very few items and WILL NOT pick up/touch very many things that get his hands 'dirty'... therefore he will not eat much solid food.

In the beginning he would gag on anything 'lumpy', even stage 3 baby food. His speech is a little delayed but we have seen much improvement since his ear tubes were put in shortly after his first birthday - he's had chronic ear infections since the day he was born and we thankfully haven't had one since then! He avoids textures, sand boxes, play doh (All though as of late he will play a little bit).

He HATES things that move-any swing, see saw, ride on vehicles, merry go rounds. He does fine in a wagon or stroller though. He doesn't like heights. We were referred to early intervention after his first b-day for the eating issues and delayed speech, and although we have been working on things no one ever ever mentioned SPD until a music class today that is associated with the early intervention program - another mom mentioned her son has the same challenges.

My poor boy! He has been the happiest little baby ever since he was born! He is so laid back and agreeable, he's a great sleeper, he loves to hug and snuggle... I have been thinking he was stubborn avoiding food and getting into battles with him or pressing swings on him and I feel as I have been making him suffer. I am onto reading more about how I can help my adorable, lovable little man work his challenges!!!

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