To have 5 year old DD evaluated or not for SPD?

by wonderingmom

My 5 year old DD has been receiving speech services since around 18 months and went to full day preschool for speech at age 3 then classic full day preschool at age 4, very little behavior issues and did pretty great. This year for kindy we chose a montessori school thinking the smaller class size and way of learning would benefit her. It has been nothing but trouble so far and she was even suspended for a day for hitting a teacher and calling them a "butt face". Some back ground on why I think there may be SPD....

* Was a very easy baby for most part, breastfed for a year and would sit in swing for long periods of time content.

* speech delay, at age 5 although she speaks in sentences now and has some great vocabulary she still struggles with clarity and to get point across at times and will have a bit of a stutter sometimes too

*QUICK temper, almost explosive and turrets like when she doesn't get an answer she likes she will snap with a snippy "shut up" or "be quiet" or calling us some made up word.

*Although quick temper she can also snap out of it quickly like nothing was wrong at all

*hates wearing socks, pulls them off pretty much every day at school

*is now constantly saying her underwear are wet (or sweaty) even when they are not and will change them up to 5 or 6 times on a day she is at home

* very picky eater but CRAVES all the chocolate

* loves movement, very into dancing but also very rough

*seeks out touch and hugs everyone for most part, little respect for personal space with strangers upon meeting them

*lots of self soothing (aka humping, although this comes and goes for weeks at a time)

Not sure what else at the moment but just lots of quirky things that all added up make me go hmmmmm.....

Thanks for any input!

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