To the "T"

by Anna Bessa

I have always heard of SPD because my younger brother has it, and has been through therapy when he was younger, mainly for food sensitivity. But I never connected the dots until now. I have been struggling for year with so many thing ( on this checklist, about 85% )that I just shoved aside as teenager problems, or "being immature" as people would call it. But now I'm 21 and married.

I struggle every day. And i just found this site and i started to read the list and tears just started falling down my face. I had no idea this could exist in adults.I started to feel like someone had been stalking me to write this check-list. it fits me to a "T" .. I am for sure going to seek professional help as soon as i can, so i can maybe find ways to help me and my marriage. Its good to know that I'm not making this all up. And that I'm not alone...

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