Toddler with SPD

by Christina
(Vero Beach, FL)

My daughter is almost 3 and her (new) pediatrician recommended OT and ST for her. While my daughter is bright, there have been a few concerning things that I brought up to the new doctor and she observed some of them as well.

My daughter has refused nearly all table foods since I introduced them, but of course also refuses baby foods too. Her diet consists of; chicken nuggets, cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese, french fries, potato chips, candies, applesauces and yogurts. Absolutely no fresh fruit, veggies or any kind of meat. When presented with new foods, she typically throws a fit until the food is removed from her plate.

While I feel she says plenty of words and sentences, her pronunciation is definitely delayed. I have an older son who spoke more clearly than her at 2. I feel that perhaps I let her keep a pacifier in for too long and learning to talk 'around' in caused the pronunciation problems, but the pediatrician felt it was more than that and recommended the speech therapy?

I am not allowed to comb or put my daughters hair up, washing it is a nightmare. Occasionally I can make her be still long enough to get it up, but she hates it.

I feel my daughter is smart, but the biggest concern is that she doesn't know ANY colors. When we try to teach her, we say.. "This is pink" She replies "Pink." We repeat it several times on the same object, then when asked "What color is this" She responds "Green!"

I don't know if she truly does have SPD, Maybe some form of Autism.. We are on a waiting list for ST and OT.. Is there someone we should see in the meantime??

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