by Tanya

My son is 6 and he hasn't been officially diagnosed with SPD but we are in the process seeing how he has 110 of the characteristics one problem he has had is toileting. He has been on laxatives and miralax for over a year now and they dont work.

He has been to the hospital and drs office to have big cleanouts done but he still only goes once or twice in a two week period.

Does anyone else know what I can do other than the medications and diet because none of these things are working and it is soo hard on him because he constantly has stomach aches and vomiting from this.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Try dairy free
by: Anonymous

My daughter had a lot if what you talked about. She was constipated since she turned one and it would shut our house down. It was horrible and I heard the same thing about the miralax and we did it for a year but when we stopped it went right back to being constipated.

Saw a nutritionist last year and he suggested a lot of different supplements. Probiotics, fish oil, mutilation vitamin/mineral, calcium/ magnesium, and a fiber supplement. It was tough getting started on a GF/df diet plus all the supplements. It took about 6 months to see a huge difference.

She still struggles with sensitive hearing but it is better. She's not as scared to do small things and we use ear plugs for everything else (parades, movies and fireworks).

I am going to try the enzymes because I just started taking some myself and I am going to the bathroom 3-4 times a day. If I could get her to do that I would be so excited.

As far as the chocolate milk. Try chocolate almond milk and do it half and half with regular. Do that for a week and then Raise the amount of choc almond milk to regular choc milk. With in a month your on pure chocolate almond milk and no more dairy issues.

You can also try goats milk cheese or yogurt. Tastes the same but it doesn't bother your tummy like regular milk. It is tough but it is worth it when you see your children not struggling anymore. I just call her food 'special food'. I don't eat stuff in front of her that she can't eat and I try to bring stuff to special events that is comparable to what others are eating.

Great book to get your SPD child veggies is "The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals" you can tweak a lot if her recipes to be GF/DF as well. Lots of fun and it's a fun challenge to see how much veggies you can get in your kid.

constipation, stomach aches, vomiting
by: Darci

Wow! This is so intriguing! My 4 year old daughter has all this stuff. We knew something was not right and we had been trying 2 figure this out 4 a couple of yrs now. Went from Dr. To Dr. And even GI specialists had no answers other than put her on Miralax and reflux medicine.

Then we started putting it all together w/ her emotional issues ie: tantrums, lack of self calming, biting her nails til they bleed, holding food in her mouth for 20-30 mins. At a time and would not chew, her need for strong hugs, constant kisses (will never turn those down), only wants choc. Milk, won't go to sleep for hours, won't sit in her chair at the table, constant hyper activity, speech problems.

toilet training issues ie: she was completely potty trained and then one day it just reverted back 2 pooping and peeing her pants after 6 mons of none of that. Oddly enough I asked her why she was doing that and she said 2 me "Mommy my body's not telling me anymore when I gotta go" very intuitive for her to be able 2 communicate that to me. It was a light bulb moment and that's when I knew that my mothers intuition was right this WAS all connected but just needed to figure out what. Found a child psychologist that connected all the dots for me in 10 mins. That it was SPD and of course we had never heard of it.

I don't have any solutions to offer other than we have switched to all organic foods (milk included), no gluten, nothing with Red or Yellow dye in it per the suggestion of a dietitian I knew and all of a sudden most of these issues have went away. AMAZING what an impact on food can have on these kids.

Of course she does see an O.T. And speech therapist but give the food thing a try. Its hard at first to make the change as it was for our family of 5 but I tell u what we all are more happy and healthy and even our non sensory kids feel better mentally, emotionally and physically. Its more expensive but worth it. We just have to cut down on our spending in other areas and has forced us to make wiser choices when on the run and traveling.

You can do it!

Digestive enzymes
by: Anonymous

my daughter suffers from SPD and has had digestive issues since she was a newborn. I have started giving her Isotonix Digestive Enzyme Supplement w/Probiotics and it has done wonders for her digestive enzymes.

Water... less milk
by: Colleen Devlin

I am sure your doctor has told you this, but milk will cause him to back up and water will flush things out. My son is a picky eater SPD...but he LOVES chocolate milk...which causes him to get backed up. So, we went to drinking a glass of water before ever chocolate milk. It has helped.

Also, is he eating very much? My son went through a SPD phase of not wanting to eat and getting backed up because of it. You might want to try some of the appetite stimulating suggestions on the site and in books to see if you can get him enamored with food that might work things through.

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