Tomatis listening program

by carrie
(Bow, washington,usa)

Has anyone had any experience with the Tomatis auditory program? Did it help your child? Thanks-Carrie

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Dec 15, 2009
Tomatis Program in Seattle
by: Liliana Sacarin

Carrie and others who are curious,

I am a Tomatis practitioner, trained by Dr Tomatis.I am also trained in the great majority of other auditory techniques inspired by Tomatis' research. I have offices in Seattle and Bellevue, WA. In my clinical work of over 15 years with the original Tomatis method and for the past few years with other listening programs, I see children with a variety of challenges: SPD, AD/HD, Asperger's, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia,etc. Families from all over the Pacific NW come to my center for 2 main reasons: one is to determine whether and if yes, which of the auditory techniques would be most beneficial for their child, as well as implementing the most appropriate program for each child. I use individualized assessment tools which determine both decision making for the appropriate program as well as the progress once the program has started.

Please visit my website at and to learn more information about my center and the manner in which I integrate the Tomatis work with movement, and consulting to optimize children's potential and well being.

Many of the parents who have already completed our Tomatis programs are willing to share their experiences with new families. Please feel free to contact me at or at 206 522-8873.

Thank you, Liliana Sacarin

Dec 03, 2009
Great results
by: Junai

I have a 4 1/2 boy with SPD who the OT tried this program on him it worked immediately to calm his body along with swinging. She recommended I get it and do it 2x's per day 30 minutes while he rests and normally he won't even sit still but this just calms his body! Overall he is a different boy I enjoy being around my son more. We r looking at trying this on my other son who also has SPD. If the OT recommends it I give it a big thumbs up!!! Plus I am in a network of moms with kids with the same issues or autism etc.... Who's children are using this and they say the same thing! I have watched their kids come a long way from the biting, spitting, hitting each other to calm, enjoyable loving kids. Amazing!

Oct 18, 2009
Late Talker
by: Anonymous

My son could not speak at age 4, we enrolled him in a tomatis program in Louisiana with Dr. Susan Andrews. It worked thats all I can say. It was a miracle.

Sep 17, 2009
just finished tomatis
by: dionne

hi alexis,

i just wanted to let you know my ds 8yo was diagnosed with an apd and some sensory issues, vestibular in nature. It was recommended by his speech/language doctor to do tomatis. i highly recommend it, my ds loved the listening therapy. he just finished 90 hours and i have seen an amazing improvement in him. his focus is better, he likes listening to music now, before it had to completely quiet in the car. he can follow more directions and keep up with conversations and just seems more modulated. He is also doing Linda mood bell for his auditory processing disorder and that is helping him with reading, writing and spelling. HTH, I would make sure when looking for a place that provides tomatis that they are trained in it. We are in northern california

Aug 31, 2009
I have not, but want to know more about it
by: Alexis

I have a 4 years old son with Autism , I heard about the Tomatis protocol or method, and have been digging on the web for the last 2 or 3 days. Every single website advertises great results, but they might just be trying to sell. I am actually looking for articles from institutions or universities that can support the results. I have not found one yet, only this website and is not very encouraging.

I am actively looking for treatment for may son, but I do not want to waste time and money , I wish parents that have tried would enter their experiences in your blog so we can judge better

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