by Tony
(Lorain, OH, USA)

Don't really remember the origin of my problem. Just remember being a kid eating with my mom. Her jaw pops when she eats. I literally would try and drown her out, because every time I heard this noise, I wanted to get up and leave the room. Love my mom to death, but that noise! My step dad had a bad smokers' cough also. He'd have coughing fits that would cause me to slam my head against the wall in frustration. I learned to sleep with a pillow over my head every night that I still do to this day. It seems to get worse the older I get. Especially at the office.

I work with an older lady who has a chronic weed cough. She admittedly is a pot smoker, and comes to work and literally coughs all day long. It has strained our work relationship to a point where I almost refuse to talk to her out of pure frustration. Repetitive noises get me every time. The sound of high pitched laughter from coworkers. High heels clacking on the ground. Etc. I wear headphones as long during the day as I can. The problem with that is... I am in tech support, and have to be on the phone 90% of my day. GRRRRRRR!

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