Too hard to handle


I have a 7yr old son that is to hard to handle. He has ADHD and has extreme behavior problems.

He has been kicked out of daycare because they can't control him. He takes medication for it,he also takes medication for his behavior,but it doesn't seem to work.

Every time i take him to the doctor i have to wait 2or3 hours just to see the doctor. I can't seem to get anywhere. My son has fits that are just crazy,one second he will be okay and the next second he will fly off the handle and start crying,screaming will not listen to anything i have to say,he will start yelling louder.

Sometimes he will start throwing things,he also hurts his self,he has scratched his face up,and punched his self in the face and blacked his eye.When he's in school he spends most of his time in the reflection room because of his behavior.He's in IEP classes because he has developmental delays,but he is pretty smart.

I don't know what else to do i've thought about putting him in a behavior hospital,but i really don't want to do that i want him home with me.

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Feb 01, 2018
Understanding a moms stress
by: Anonymous

I truly understand what this mother is going through with a child who has been diagnose with ADHD. I too have a 7yr old grandchild who has been very difficult to deal with. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

I am raising him and his now 9yr old brother who have been diagnose with ADHD as well. But the 7yr old oh my God was totally out of control. He has been on several medications none of which worked. I was very afraid of giving him these medications because of the side effects but he needed something.

I have put him away in a hospital who had a very good program for two weeks. It did help him for a while and them back to his out of control self. He is in a special Ed school which happens to be pretty good. He has improved but it takes a WHOLE LOT of PATIENCE and PRAYER.

He's still not where I would like him to be but it is somewhat better than it was. I could only pray that he get better. I still wonder sometimes if that will actually happen. He is high functioning, extremely smart.

Jan 03, 2011
words of encouragement
by: Anonymous

Definitely, get the right diagnosis for your child. This sounds severe, where he can really hurt someone. I know it's hard, and a long process, but, when you finally get your child on the right path, he will be like a different person.

And trust me, it doesn't seem like it now but your circumstances will improve and be normal....well as normal as could be with this situation, but, never the less it will improve and you'll get your sanity back i promise! Hang in there and fight this all the way!

Good luck and you can E-mail me if you want to vent, i will be glad to listen.

Jul 30, 2010
i understand
by: Anonymous

My son has the same issue but he is three. I was fortunate to get a good behavior specialist that knew that my son was SPD sensory dysfunctional and not ADD or ADHD.

My therapist told me how lucky I am to have found out early if I was to have been to another specialist and they misdiagnosed him then the ADD medications wouldn't have worked and I would have had the same issues out of him and eventually led to increasing the medication dosage on the childs medication. The increase would only zone him out and make him seem lifeless and that isn't what the medication was designed to do.

I would suggest to my primary care physician to see a occupational therapist so they can test him for sensory developmental issues.

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