Top 10 Benefits Of Having an SPD Child

by Lisa
(Naperville, IL)

10 - I have a personal Grocery Bag Carrier - my SPD kid BEGS to carry everything

9 - I can thumb my nose at fashion - My SPD girl doesn't care if clothes match or even if they look cute, it's all about how fuzzy, silky or tight they are.

8 - No More Freezing My Butt Off At Soccer Games - My SPD tactile defensive kid avoids ball kicking, running at others sports like the plague. Instead, she likes gymnastics, which is indoors in nice heated buildings. Happy, happy me!

7 - No coiffure nightmares - My SPD kid can't stand anyone touching her head, so she never asks for complicated hair styles

6 - Laser tag and hopping houses - My SPD kid loves them - heavy vests and lots of jumping. I can act like a kid without needing an excuse

5 - I can skip noisy crowded places - My SPD kid can't stand them, so someone has to bite the bullet and stay home with her, right?

4 - Becoming knowledgeable at something very few know anything about - heaven knows too many school personnel and medical professionals know very little about SPD, so somebody's gotta do it

3 - Less laundry! - My SPD kid can't stand changing clothes every day, so sometimes I give in and just let her wear the same clothes for days at a time. And she's thrilled, like it's a treat :)

2 - Clean bathrooms! My SPD kid is fascinated with cleaning sinks and toilets. So I "let" her :)

1 - EXTRA CHOCOLATE!! - My SPD kid is on a GF/CF diet so she gives me all her chocolate Halloween candy :)

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Jul 23, 2012
So true
by: Madison

So I'm almost thirteen with SPD and I COMPLETELY relate with the laser tag thing. I went to the laser tag place the other day and bought unlimited laser tag and skating. It was sensory HEAVEN. Hitting walls skating, sliding down carpet in socks, running around, heavy vests, heavy shoes, etc. I LOVED IT.

Dec 04, 2011
Thanks for this!:)
by: Andrea

Cute list!:) I can related to most of them except the laundry - my daughter changes her clothes multiple times a day!

Another benefit is that it has taught me to be a less judgmental person (no more wondering why that parent whose kid is throwing a fit in the grocery store doesn't get her act together) and a more sympathetic and patient parent. Great benefits indeed!

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