Tori's SPD Journey

by Michelle
(Campton, NH)

My younger daughter Tori has been a handful from day 1. At 12mths, family and friends had nicknamed her "Torinado" because she just didn't stop. In first grade she was diagnosed with ADHD. She was put on Adderal for that. Things progressed pretty well until she was in 3rd grade and her medication was not working as well. So we changed it to Adderal XR. That got her ADHD symptoms under control and hidden behaviors began to surface.

She would fight over getting dressed. Things could not be tight enough on her waist. Shoes were not tight enough, socks were too floppy, sudden sharp noises would cause melt-downs, she couldn't print well.....

Next was a complete 504 screening through her school. Wouldn't you know, SPD. She has tactile and auditory. She then started OT through the school. The used the program "How does my engine run". The set her up with a tool box of candy. They found that different tastes change her attitude. Cinnamon, sour, gum, and twizzlers were available to her in class to help her focus and do well. We found that she craves squeezing hugs during melt downs.

Eventually, after 3 years of OT, her symptoms are under control. Tori is now 14yo and a freshman in High School. She still takes Adderal for her ADHD, I still buy her socks a size too small, shoes are easier for her to deal with (she prefers velcro sketchers for sneakers) Pants fit her better now so that is easier as well. She still doesn't write well due to motor skill issues, so she is allowed to have extra time for long classroom writing assignments. It has been a long road with Tori, but she has come a long way and will continue to progress.

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May 20, 2009
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your story and giving us hope!

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