by Nicolle
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi was diagnosed last year at the age of 40, spd/adhd what top combo people think I am making it up but it makes so much sense to me now that I know.

Am currently on a no sugar/gluten/diary detox and probiotics to help rebuild my gut and also seeing a Naturopath and Psychologist

This has been such a help I feel like a different person.

Still got a long way to go but baby steps I am getting there which is a great feeling.

It is so great to read about all the parents and the tremendous efforts they are making to help their kids. it is never too late...

Hugs to u all :)

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Feb 06, 2010
There is always hope for any age!
by: Anonymous

My daughter is 16 and a half and was recently diagnosed. The best way to help someone who is this old is for them to accept that they are having difficulties which in my daughter's case was the hardest thing, but thanks to her psychologist who discovered this and us (her parents)talking to her and telling her that it is like asthma or any other thing that needs treatment she began to accept it slowly. She opened more to the idea of her treatment once she got to do some Occupational Therapy and realized how much it helps her. She is also in an anti anxiety medication that I see as a temporary fix for her to feel better about herself and avoid the overwhelming anxiety that comes with her SPD. I think your best bet is to be loving and honest and as supportive as you can possibly be and don't beat yourself for anything, the world needs more awareness about this condition, I had never heard of this until now and most people I tell her issues look confused or dismiss it!
Look for my post here...good Luck!
Mrs. H

Sep 16, 2009
how to treat adult s with these issues
by: Anonymous

My daughter 27yo, is a college graduate, and seems ok to most people. She has ocd and anxiety issues, but hasn't been treated because she is functioning fairly well in the world. She cant have an intimate relationship because she cant be touched. she needs help and I don't know how to help her in the right direction.

Aug 11, 2009
by: Angie

Thank you for posting.I almost wanted to cry. As a parent watching my son who is 9 struggle it is hard. You want to make sure you try everything just in case one thing will help. It's hard to think of him as being 40. And if you just found out at 40 as to having it, it gives me hope.

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