Toy Organization

by mo2g

How do you organize your spd kid's toys? I have tried everything, it seems, and nothing works. My 6yo will just dump everything back out and back together and in the floor.

Funny thing: when she was a toddler, we'd pick up all the toys. Ten minutes later, she had put them all back where she'd had them before we picked up. Maybe I'm confused. Maybe the toys actually belong on the floor and not the shelves?

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Dec 04, 2009
piling toys
by: Kelly

My son has piled toys since he was old enough to do so. he still lines up all his cars and anything else with wheels in a row all going the same direction. we have tried to explain why keeping them separated is important to the sets but he really just likes to mix them up and put them into big piles or into boxes together. also he has been known to pile his sister as well lol =)

Nov 14, 2009
Professional Organizer
by: mo2g

Thanks, Kim. We're not alone, eh? Piles? Mine just spreads everything out and pushes enough over so she can have a spot to play.

I did check w/ a professional organizer that I know online today. He told me to "draw down"--to give away 2 toys for every new toy we get. But he didn't tell me how to organize what's already here. I think even he might be baffled if he saw the room.

We are going to be clearing the floor tomorrow because we had a mouse in the kids' room tonight. My 6yo was the one who saw it first so I'm hoping that her anxiety over the icky rodent will encourage her to keep things picked up for a while. Is it wrong to use the kid's anxiety against her like that? Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

If you are interested in picking up some organizational tips, we have an ongoing thread over at called "Hoarding, Disorganized, OCD--HELP!(2)" where you might find some useful organizational tips. (Someone over there actually gave me the link to this great site.) Don't worry about the "insider" banter (we've been there awhile), just jump on in.

I'm still hoping to get some tips over here from people who understand our particular set of issues. Therapists? Teachers? Docs? Anyone?

Nov 13, 2009
Oh boy...
by: kim

Well, i have the same problem...
Hundreds of animals and insects and dinosaurs, in piles all over the place
But, they have to be only certain things together, cant mix them together, so i usually have at least 5 separate piles all over the house.
When he was little he would line them up, now they re PILES!!! LOL
I think you're right, they belong on the floor, LOL!!
If anyone has any ideas, i welcome them also, LOL!!

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