by Elizabeth

Hi- My son is 8. He is a sensory seeker!! :) Our worst ( or my worst) time is during a transition. From playing with lego's to his dad coming home from work or when we walk into a store with music...

When these things happen it's as if he can not longer contain himself. When his dad comes home from work he runs up to give him a hug, then makes a few subject changes complete with sound effects while jumping in place :) It sounds like a lot because it is. He will and has many times, even let our crazy dog inside while everything is in this hectic moment.
In the store he will do the same-- like it's not enough or too much imput so he wants to add more??

i really don't know.
He has a language delay so I find it more difficult to talk with him about how he is feeling.

What should we be doing in transition situations?? I called his OT lady but she has not called back.

Thank you for any suggestions and advice.


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Oct 06, 2010
Optometric Vision Therapy
by: East-coast doc

Motion and vision are closely related. I suggest an evaluation by an optometrist well-versed in developmental issues. They have a website with a "Locate a doctor" feature. It's Best wishes!

Oct 04, 2010
Have you tried.......
by: Anonymous

Letting him know 15 minutes prior to your hubby coming home?
"Hey dad is coming home in 15 minutes" Take him to the clock and "show him the clock time" and count down with him from there,Like ok, now we have 10 more minutes, now we have 5 more minutes, then go minute to minute from there till the last minute and start counting?
But you have to call your husband and ask him where he is and how long it will be first, so you know. I find that helps my guy, he hates transition as well....
Cant hurt to try, Good Luck with your precious son!!!!! God Bless you and your family, i know how hard it can be, kim

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