Transitions from camp to school

by Laura
(New York)


My son has made great progress in school with his sensory issues. He has an Speech Pathologist and SEIT (Special Education Itenerant Teacher) push into the classroom.

He started camp this week and is a mess. He is angry, aggressive, and wants things back as they were "before" with his old teacher and friends. He is only four, does any one have any suggestions to help ease this transition? I never thought he would be having such a hard time.



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Jul 14, 2008
Right there with you
by: Maraiah

I just transitioned my son who is also four to a new preschool/daycare. He as well reacted aggressively. What I have done is to tell him its okay to be sad and mad, but to remember to use his words not his hands. I also have talked to the directors of his new preschool and let them know what's going on. Hang in there if he is anything like my son he will need to go through this transition period and get used to his new place.

Good Luck

Maraiah DeCol
Sandy, UT

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