Trouble sleeping now

I am around 15-16.

My tactile issues are affecting my sleep now!

I was unable to fall asleep after 20-30 minutes. I was having trouble with the bed feeling really squishy and gooey for the whole time. Now, I am a little scared to fall asleep.

Vibration hurts me pretty bad, and I feel stuck and scared when I try to use deep-pressure things.

Water feels really icky/painful whether I set the temperature to 50 degrees or 90 degrees, so water isn't relaxing to me.

The stuffed animals feel squishy and rough, a weird feeling that makes me nervous.

I am still working on getting into OT for tactile issues, but that process is hung right now. I am just so frustrated right now.

My clothing hurts, I need more vestibular input, the bed is too squishy, ugh. It's driving me nuts!

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