Trying to get extra time at school for my Kindergartener

by Gail Perkins
(Plantsville,CT USA)

My 5yr old son 28wks premature has SPD,LD,Low Fine/Gross Motor.He has been at the Yale Child Center which he underwent a study. They did not give me a definite diagnosis.They said maybe Mental Retardation,maybe learning disability.They said they did not see signs of autisim.He is developmentally delayed in all areas.Speech is about 3 1/2-4yrs old at this point.Learning is one day he has it the next day you wonder where it went.He has been followed by birth.Starting with birth-to-Three and a developmental Doc until he was 2yrs in CT. I have had him in outside services(PT,OT,SP) since he was three.He was in the integrated preschool program also with services.

Now in Kindergarten I wanted to speed up a little bit of the learning while it is still early.I asked the school to have him have one full day at school.Morning he received services,then lunch w/the 1st/2nd graders,then recess,then regular classtime. He had one bad wk he didn't want to go to the special ed rm so his para took one hand the teacher took the other and made him go so he started wiggling and kicked the teacher and then she went to bend down when he came up & hit her chin.He was written up for a suspension in his file because they said it was physical.Then he started crying at recess his para said she thinks it was because he realized he couldn't keep up w/the kids.So the principal took away the all day on me which I was seeing more progress in him just a little more tired.Then we had Holiday break and now bk at school so far no problems.I don't feel that asking for that extra day was too much to ask for.The lunch with the older kids was great socialization for him,but maybe they shouldn't have let him out for recess,instead have downtime.

What are your thoughts. Thank you Gail Perkins

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Jan 16, 2010
extra time - kindergarden
by: Anonymous

Believe it or not I think we are in your school district. My child has SPD and fine motor control issues. If you want you can email me and I can try and explain what we had to go through to get my son the help he needed, it might give you some ideas on how to go about it. (

Maybe at recess one of the older more responsible kids could kind of watch out for him and include him in whatever they are doing. It makes the older kids feel good and gives them a little responsibility and it would make your child feel included. Maybe they could get a few kids to help him that way the same kid doesn't have to do it everyday and your son has a few new friends.

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