Tween needs help waking up for school


My son is 12 and we just found out about his SPD. One of our major challenges is waking up for school. His school starts very early and the bus picks him up at 6:45, so its virtually impossible to start waking him up way early, especially when he had trouble getting to sleep the night before and he's exhausted. I come in and give him firm touch with gentle shaking or firm rubbing his back while talking to him. Leave, then come back a little firmer about 5 minutes later..usually several times. He avoids avoids avoids. He hides in his covers and moves to the corners of the bed. When this doesn't work and I don't go away, he starts hitting and kicking at me, then very loudly growls/grunts at me. By then it goes downhill into a meltdown of bawling and crying and the rest of the morning ANYTHING will set off the bawling again. Its so frustrating for both of us! He's too big for me to carry or move to a bath and is strong enough to hurt me with kicking. (He's fine when we don't have to get up early.) Any suggestions for an older child would be VERY welcome! Thank you!

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Apr 30, 2015
by: jennifer bryant

I feel your frustration.Every morning I deal with this unless he gets to sleep in and wakeup naturally. However my son is 6. It's very son lays there until finally he starts making mean noises at me.then he rolls to corner of bed where i can't reach him.then he starts screaming shrill and he kicks hard anyone in his way. My son is very sweet but he can't transition to being awake like my other children. I am at my witts son wouldn't hear or acknowledge an alarm.

Aug 15, 2011
alarm clock idea from book
by: Anonymous

Just finished reading the book Sensational Kids hope and help for children with Sensory Processing Disorder. In there she Lucy Miller Ph.D., OTR describes a kiddo who has trouble getting up in the morning because of her SPD. They family found an alarm clock the gently wakes her up by slowly over a period of minutes increases the sound and light in a calm way. I wonder if you could google to look for it. It helps the child wake up on her own and slowly.

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