Twin 8 yr old boys SPD & ADHD

by Ellie

I've known from early in that my twin boys were difficult and different. They are also creative, energetic, wonderful boys. They've been diagnosed with SPD (dyspraxia, sensory seekers) and ADHD. The hard part is that we're losing sight of the good and my husband and I function on a very short fuse. There is so much yelling over things that seem so simple to us... But create anxious psychotic meltdowns from the twins at times.

I want to walk away sometimes but i want si badly to help them. Or marriage suffers because of all this. Although they are behind academically, behaviorally and socially they seem to do well. We've tried to do gluten free dye free nitrate free organic diet, done OT, behavioral therapy, therapeutic horse back riding, many medications, cranial sacral therapy, etc... With no relief.

They do seem better when we're very strict with diet but it's almost impossible with life, griefs and their ridiculously picky sensory eating issues. I'm at the point where I just hide, let my husband yell, and I pray. It's awful when these meltdowns happen. Dues anyone else go through this?

Any suggestions, tips? Honestly it'd be nice just to know we're not alone:-/Ellie

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