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We have identical twin boys, age 7. One displays symptoms of SPD and the other does not. Is this a genetic disorder? We are evaluating him for ADHD as well. His incessant chewing on non-edible objects, among other behaviors, has had us baffled for years. Surprisingly, he does very well academically in school. We just can't get him to keep things out of his mouth and stay in his chair!

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Oct 05, 2009
Arnie's School Tools
by: Amy

We are working through this with my 7 yr old. He is a "mover" and a "chewer." It has been helpful for him to chew gum in class. This keeps his mouth busy and he also drinks out of a water bottle in class that has a straw on it. His OT has worked with his teacher to implement several things to help with his moving. He has a T stool that he sents on in class if needed, a cushion that allows him to move around a bit in his chair, a band on the bottom of his chair that he can kick.

If you have never read Arnie's School Tools, you should. I gave Brice's teacher a copy of this book and have read it several times through with him. I ordered it off of Amazon.

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