Two major fears

Hello ~

I have a hypersensitive 3 year old, diagnosed around 12 months old. He is extremely bright, already reading, spelling, loves numbers, very logical, mechanical, huge attention span, doing 100 pc puzzles at age 2 ....

The reason I list all of this is because I am having the hardest time getting this extremely smart child to get past two anxieties that are interfering with his daily life.

His has many anxieties, but these two in particular are starting to cause him to 'act out' something he has never done. He has never had a tantrum, or hit before. But he is showing aggression.

His biggest fear of all is EYES. He dislikes eyes. When he becomes tired he starts to focus on this fear and starts to dislike and become fearful of everything around him with eyes, including pictures. He has even told us (his mom and dad) that he dislikes OUR eyes. We get him past this, but can't get him over his fear of eyes in general. He won't see one of his grandmas because she wears glasses. Its heartbreaking.

His other fear is of the moon. This disrupts his playtime outside and also makes him cling to me once darkness starts everynight. He thinks the moon is going to come down and talk to him and ask him to go back up. (saw this in a book when younger). We have shown him real moon pics, described the moon .... NOTHING and I mean nothing helps. The 'man in the moon' face shown in ALL kids books really makes things so confusing to him. We tell him the moons not a person but the books keep showing faces!!! Being smart he is conflicted about whats real and whats not and just trying to figure it all out.

Any ideas for either?

Thanks for the site! Its so helpful ~ Leeanne M.

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Feb 11, 2009
by: Leeanne M.

Thanks for replies.

I may be misunderstanding a bit, but it seems that these children have lots of fears, especially those with tactile or vestibular problems. My son has fear of spiders, fear of elevators, fear of unsteady ground such as ball bouncers, fear of cutting himself, fear of dark, fear of eyes and fear of the moon. Along with texture issues that he is growing out of, food and touch.

I'm happy to say that this site has already helped us! We had a fear-free day!!! We purchased some moon sand and some jumping abc mats and he never even thought about his fears all day! Totally put his hands into the sand!!!! Yay!

So many great ideas on here!!!!!

Feb 09, 2009
I agree with the previous comment
by: Jessi

I don't think these extreme fears sound like they're related to SPD because they don't really have anything to do with the types of sensations that bother these kids so much. I think a child psychologist may be helpful although at your child's age they will mostly only be able to do 'play' therapy (my step-dad is a child psychologist and I've asked about my 4-year old son to help with issues about his dad's and my divorce). Of course, my son was very delayed with speaking and is not advanced for his age in the scholastic area, so your son may be able to be worked with in a more direct way. I don't think it could hurt to try!

Feb 07, 2009
Moon eyes
by: Anonymous

Hi Leanne! I'm wondering if you have checked into a psychologist/psychiatrist that only works with children??? If not, I would suggest starting there - and fairly soon. You don't want these fears to become psychosis and it sounds like the fears are becoming more severe.

Since your son is so bright in the academic area, he still is only 3, and still will exhibit 3 year old behaviors, like aggression, etc. If he is afraid, he is probably acting out because he doesn't truly understand or have the emotional coping skills at 3 years old and "real" and "pretend" things are something that 3 and 4 year olds have to sometimes have help with in sorting out the real from pretend things.

Best wishes.....I'm not sure this helps, but I'd be getting some psychological help for him. Is he in any type of preschool setting? Your pre-k program could help steer you in the right direction too, if you have that resource. Otherwise, stop by your local school district and see if they can help you get started some how.

Sue in IL

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