Uncovering answers

by Donna

I knew my son wasn't ADHD, even though testing showed 'borderline'. He was 6 at the time, and I wasn't willing to label him as such. I became adamant against that label when the testing facility said they recommended medicine (to everyone) as it would make my life and his teachers' lives easier. And the facility (one of the best in the country) did NOT uncover his APD. Suffice it to say, almost 4 years later, ADHD has been ruled out and a severe APD was uncovered, (completing 4th grade, he was tested at 5 years, 2 months!) along with a few other things, such as spinal galant reflex being retained. However, he has coped with a superior working memory and visual processing.

We have begun sound therapy and other focus-oriented exercises, along with physical exercises to help with his proprioceptive dysfunction. Your checklist clued me in to more sensory issues, and I will have him tested for more specific areas that need attention. Thank you!

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