I am 14.

I have sensory problems with all 6 of my senses. All of them are over-sensitive except for movement.

The lights are so bright that the text in the book i'm trying to read actually blends with the paper. I have had this issue for just a few months.

A lot of the songs I listen to hurts my head. The voices in the class feel like yelling and screaming, when everyone is talking in a normal speaking-voice. I hate my own voice!

Everything I touch hurts! My clothes feel like sandpaper on skin. I hate deep-pressure touch, because it makes me feel the horrible fabric of my clothes. Slime feels cold like ice, and sharp.

I don't really use my sense of smell a lot, but flowers and perfume smells bad to me.

Cupcakes taste bitter like broccoli to me. I also hate the way that the icing feels in my mouth and I can't stand it. Water also tastes bitter to me.

I never get dizzy, even after spinning around 157 times over. I just hate fast movements because they hurt and sometimes give me a headache.

I am also terrified of the OT, because she would brush me with a poky, scratchy brush. She would wrap me in a weighted blanket or hang a weighted vest on me. She would also force me to do messy play when I don't want to.

The OT may also try movement activities, which won't work because my sense of movement is way under-sensitive. These include the use of a platform swing or trampoline. Those things give me a headache.

Is there a way out of these sensory problems?
I can't even cry about it because my eyes are dried out. :(

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Mar 30, 2013
by: Allison

We are still in a survival mode at least in our family. Our kids are not on any OT, as there is none available to us here.

What is working for us is talking about it, and avoiding situations if we can help it, or preparing for it as best we can if we have no choice. Yep, the family as a whole had to adjust a lot, and avoid a lot. But no matter what, my kids don't have to suffer alone, i'm right there with them to help ease the elements.

It can't be easy for you that have it.I am hopeful that they will find OT methods that make it easier and less distressing... although it seems an impossible task for OT to fix/disable the triggers that cause the nervous system to overload.

Mar 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am in Phoenix, AZ, not Colorado.

I also don't want to be stuck, forced to do finger-painting activities against my will. That has already happened to me once!

Feb 28, 2013
Try Star Foundation in Colorado
by: Anonymous

You seem to want to help yourself which is a start. I have a child that is 12 and will not even try. Just keep working, there are many different things you can do. Even sitting in a blown up chair with some of the air let out is therapy so there are many different things you can do. Some thing brushing is it but many new ways are out there. So please give them a call. I just wish I could get my child to go and realize if she would try she would get better. You keep up the good effort. She too is newly Dx at an older age and that is not easy. God Bless You and don't give up. Each day you work you program it will get a little better.

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