Vanessa R.

by vanessa
(wiggins, ms, usa)

when i was a baby i went through a stage where my neck in my shirts had to have elastic in it. i felt safe. as i got older, my socks had to be just so. the right on had to be all the way to the bend in my knee while the left had to be almost there, the right always had to be higher and all the way in the bend. my underware had to be below my stomache (like bikini)or above it like around my waist.

if my hair was in pony-tails, they had to be even and all the hair had to be smooth. if someone yanked on one pony-tail, it would cause me great stress, could cause panic-attack. these are just examples and as i have gotten older, some of those aren't as bad.. i do not wear .pony-tails nor knee socks. bras drive me crazy and i still have to adjust things like the waist of my pants just so. i guess that is the general idea. i was wondering what this called and what ever else i can learn about it.

i know it is real. how many others go through this?

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