Very confused over clothing issues

My 8 y/o daughter has always had issues with clothing. On one hand she will wear only seamless socks, which she wears inside out because of the seam at the elastic edge. and she will not tie her shoes. She will only wear shoes which are big on her and has to keep them loose. Quite often they fall off. She can't stand tags and such and will only wear cotton leggings. Because of all this I start thinking she is sensitive to sensation.

But on the other hand she will wear a belt super tight over her leggings and even under her pjs. We had to take the belts away. Then she found some elastic headbands (about 2" thick) and will wear 2 of them around her waist. She would wear more but I won't allow it because it gets too tight and digs into her skin. Then 2 pairs of undies. She also will wear a bikini bathing suit top, then an undershirt, then a shirt all at once, even to go to bed. Lately for swimming (she's on a team) she has begun to wear underwear under her suit and a shirt on top of the suit.

Mostly on this site I only see one kind of behavior at once. Can she be both sensitive to sensation and need overload of sensation at once? Or is she just being impossible just to drive be bonkers?

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Nov 27, 2012
by: Janice

I have an 8 year old son with SPD, and he will show opposite behaviors as well. He will be obsessive about me washing my hands and always thinking I am touching my nose and getting germs on him, but he will be very dirty about blowing his nose and disregard issues around his germs. He won't let me hug him or kiss him without him asking first, but then demands it at odd times. I think it is about control...they are bomb barded with stimulation and just want to feel in control some of the time. I think a little OCD comes in to play sometimes, some anxiety about things that happen without warning. It is about control in an uncontrollable world. I let him have his way on odd things (not the germ issues of course), and very soon they don't become important to him any more. Be thankful for the little things, and find humor where you can. If only my son would wear underwear..I am so jealous! All the best. Janice

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