Very confused Parent

by Faith
(Huntsville, AL)

I don't know how to start this because I am still shock about how all of this has come about. My three yr old son has been diagnosed by his school and his doctor with SPD.

I still don't know what to think, in a way blame myself for all this. My son has to reassured pretty much all the time and its like he doesn't hear me at all when I am trying to get his attention. Then I get frustrated because I still think he is doing it on purpose, but I have stop and remind myself of what we are going through. That is just the top of the iceberg there is so much more that is going on with him.

I am taking this one day at a time and pray all the time because that is all I know to do.

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Oct 11, 2010
in the same boat
by: Anonymous

My son is 3 and since the day he was born, I knew he was special. By 6 months old he became physically and self abusive. His doctors have told me everything is normal. From playing in his own poop to eating rocks to drawing blood to me or himself, I have found myself so stressed and confused. After 3 long years of a million diagnoses (from therapist) we are finally on a waiting list for him to be evaluated for sensory issues. He was receiving OT for a year but was told since he could play with play-do he didn't need OT. Forget the fact that every tag was cut out of his shirt b/c it was setting him off, or trying to wash his hair and face once a week. No one wants anything to be wrong with their child but the sooner they are diagnosed, the sooner they can get the help they need. I just hope my son's wait isn't to much longer. I wish you luck.

Oct 10, 2010
by: jacci

I completely understand. I just posted the bare bones of our journey thus far a few days ago. It has helped us to take an object that he's interested in, say his thomas train, and hold it by our face when we want him to listen. He has since graduated to just looking at our noses. We never start talking until he is focused on our face, which may take a few minutes. We also ask if he understands what we are saying. This has taken months of work but it has begun to give positive results. Hope this helps.

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