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by Sarah

Just had a parent teacher conference for our 5 year old today. His wonderful and very seasoned teacher is convinced that a lot of the challenges our son is experiencing are all sensory related.

She has seen a lot of children over a several decades and she said he is classic. However, she showed us one test and said she has never seen a child get 100% in task B and be completely unable to do task A. She is scratching her head but wants to pursue a committee discussion which is required before gaining access to the school psychologist.

We have been scratching our heads for YEARS. He was observed as early at 2 yrs and we were told he was very sensory oriented since he liked to play with his entire body. But nothing more came of this. They were more concerned in figuring out why he was biting other children so often.

A family member in another state who works with autistic children gave us test while we were visiting this past summer. It was to give our evaluation of various aspects of our child. She had it graded by another professional she works with. He scored very high on sensory issues. But then the question was where do we go from here?

We have talked with two different pediatricians and both have indicated he is too young to pursue anything at this point or label him. I'm not so concerned about a label as finding solutions and ideas to help. He is very intelligent but very distracted and unable to perform some basic functions but can talk like he is years older. His report card ran the scale of unsatisfactory to grade level.

We are excited to think we might be finding an outlet in which we can get some answers. There may be more than this going on but after reading through this list of "red flags" I'm convinced he is SPD at some level.

SO glad for the internet so we can do our own research and find answers. Thanks for the great resource.

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Nov 30, 2008
OT has been great
by: Anonymous

I'm sure its posted elsewhere on the site, but our occupational therapist has been great - she comes up with all of these super great and simple (and cheap!) therapies like chair hammocks, a little pump to blow up balloons, playing with those stress balls, and the list goes on and on. It has really been great for our son to see an OT. Even just making up games where he has to try to "push" us over really helps him to stay centered. Best of luck!

Nov 27, 2008
Occupational therapy
by: Anonymous

I really believe that Occupational therapy will help your child. Try to find one that is also into sensory therapy. You will see a difference.

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