Very loud noises

I have an 11 year severely autistic daughter she is nonverbal and stims all day long by constantly making loud ear piercing noises can someone help me please.

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Sep 11, 2011
sensory ideas
by: Anonymous

I have a 14 year severely autistic child with Down Syndrome and he drones loudly for most of the day along with constantly fiddling with his left cuff, so I know how tiring it is to put up with. I would imagine that your child like mine is sensory seeking and that their activities somehow give them comfort.
Have you looked at weighted therapy
apparently wearing weighted items of clothing can be very calming and soothing for sensory seekers.
We haven't as yet found a substitute for my son's noise making but he is being put on a sensory diet by the school's occupational therapist. He can be distracted from his constant stimming by using reinforcers, such as a favorite food (chocolate buttons) or toy, to participate in directed activities for short periods. We have bought him a garden swing seat which, according to the OT, gives him physical comfort by helping him with his sense of balance and he likes jumping, either just on the spot or on a trampoline. The OT says that this gives the sensation of deep pressure which again is a comforting sensation. She has said to offer activities like these when he is excessively stimming to help calm him then try and engage him in an alerting activity such as throwing and catching a ball or a puzzle or whatever your child is capable of doing.
It might be helpful to try giving magnesium as a supplement which can be calming
and epsom salts baths can be helpful, there's lots of info online about that.

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