Very Sweaty?


We've noticed that our 6 year old daughter sweats a great deal and especially when she is very anxious. She also gets odor under her arms. She's had a little odor under her arms in the summer for a few years and her pediatrician was not concerned. No other signs of early puberty. However, I'm starting to wonder if it's related to the anxiety and sensory in some way - since SPD kids do get very very anxious.

Anyone experience this??



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Sep 30, 2009
almost 6 boy sweats heavily too
by: CKs Mom

My son also sweats heavily when he sleeps and exercises and is a very heavy sound sleeper. In the morning, his sheets show a where a dried pool of sweat, drool and/or urine occurred (if his pullup leaks). He is going to be 6 this month but can't wake up to go pee and sometimes even is too engrossed in play to go when he is playing hard. He also gets a scale on his scalp (sebohrriac dermatitis) I feel due to the sweat. It would make sense that there is some connection. He has had an OT evaluation of sensory seeking and seems to have some auditory hyposensitivity.

Sep 26, 2009
Same here!
by: Anonymous

My son gets very sweaty during his naps mostly. I haven't noticed any odor from his armpits but his room will sometimes smell like a locker room when we go in after his nap. I suppose it could be related to anxiety but not sure. I'm very curious about this and hope someone could give us an answer:)

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